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Educational qualifications:
* B.A. (English hons.), Barddhaman, West Bengal, 2nd class 2nd
* M.A.(English), Barddhaman, West Bengal, 2nd class
* 1 yr. diploma in interior design 2002-03, Exterior-Interior Nepal, Gold Medal
* 1 yr. course on oil, water, charcoals, acrylics and etching 2000-01, Kathmandu, Nepal

Solo shows:
* The Art Shop 2005, Nepal, Symphony Of Forms
* Park Gallery 2006, Nepal, Fragments Of A Journey
* Siddhartha Art Gallery 2007, Nepal, Persistence Of Memory
* The Art Shop 2009, Nepal, Contemplating Nature

Selected Participations:
* Nepal Art Council, 2000, 31 Young Artists’ Exhibition
* NAFA, 2001, 34 Young Artists’ Exhibition
* NAFA, 2000, 2001, 2002, National Exhibition of Art and Craft
* NAFA, 2002, National Exhibition by ASN
* Kolkata, 2006, Camlin’s 7th Eastern Region Exhibition
* NAFA, 2007, Group Exhibition from NAFA
* Indonesia, Jakarta, 2007, 2008, 2009, Indian Artists’ Exhibition from Mumbai
* South Korea, 2007, Women Artists’ Exhibition from Nepal
* Nepal, Park Gallery, 2007, Park Art Fair ’07 organized by Park Gallery
* Nepal, Park Gallery, 2008, Autumn Collection by Six Women Artists
* Nepal, Park Gallery, 2008, Park Art Fair ’08 organized by Park Gallery
* Visual Art Gallery, Delhi, 2009, Organized by The Fuschia Tree and Bank On Art

Official collections by Indian Embassy (Nepal), Nepal Investment Bank Ltd,
Private collections in India, Japan, France, Nepal, South Korea, United Kingdoms, Hungary, Switzerland, United States, Germany, Dubai, Denmark.
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