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Dhiren Kumar Saha

B.V.A. (Painting, Fine Art) passed in 1995. Govt. College of Art & Craft, University of Calcutta.


Exhibition Chairman Award in 1994 in the Annual Salon of Govt. College of Art and Craft. Kolkata for outstanding painting.
Ganesh Haloi Award in 1995 in the Annual Salon of Govt. College of Art and Craft, Kolkata for the best painting of the show.
Pratima Tagore Award in 1994 from Oriental Society of Art, Kolkata.
Awarded for outstanding Drawing by All India Fine Art & Craft Society 2002.

Group show of India Selected Artists in West Germany, Hosted by RPG and Bayer AG in 1998 (International level).
50 years of Indian Independence, hosted by AIFACS in 1997, Kolkata (State level).
“Harmony Show” hosted by Reliance in 1996 (National level) continuing.
Participated in the Annual Exhibition of Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata 1999.
Participated in the Annual Exhibition of Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Mumbai, 1997-2000.
Participated in the AIFACS Annual Exhibition in 2002 (State Level).
Participated in the Annual Exhibition of (Group Show) Folio Art Gallery, Chandigarh, 1999.
Participated in the Annual Exhibition of Oriental Society of Art, Kolkata, 1993.
Participated in the Self Portraits Exhibition hosted by RPG in 2001, Mumbai.
Participated in the Annual Exhibition of AIFACS, 2002, Delhi. Exhibition was inaugurated by HE Mr. K.R. Narayanan (President of India).
Nehru Centre, Bombay, 1997.
Bengal Art Collection, J-51, Mumbai, 2001.
Participated in the Self-portrait exhibition hosted by R.P.G. Kolkata 2002.
Participated in the Exhibition “ The RPG collection contemporary paintings of Bengal”, hosted by RPG at National Gallery of Modern Art, Bombay 11th July to 31st August 2003.
Participated in the Exhibition “ Young Face of Contemporary Indian Art” hosted by Birla Academy 2003.
Group show in Bangalore – Gallery 'G', Maini Sadan 2006.
Group Show in Singapore, Conducted by Art world, Chennai, 2007.
* Group show in Academy of Fine Arts, Bengal Painters. Kolkata. 08.

· “The Leela”, Mumbai, 1999, Sponsored by Arts Trust and The Leela Hotel.
J-51, Bombay, 1999, Sponsored by Arts Trust.
Jehangir Art Gallery, sponsored by RPG, Mumbai, 2001.
Gallery of Society of Contemporary Artist (will be holding) Kolkata, 2001.
Birla Academy of Art and Culture ,Kolkata, 2003.
* Taj Bengal Hotel, Kolkata, 08.
* Sridharani , Delhi, 09.( will be held )
* India Habitat Centre, Delhi, 2010. .( will be held )

Harsh V. Goenka, Sanjiv Goenka (RPG).
Tina Ambani (Tina Munim), Reliance.
Rita Vimani Managing Directress, Public Relations, (Ex-Art Critic, Statesman) Calcutta.
Vikram Sethi (Managing Director, The Art Trust) Mumbai.
Mita Bazoria, Alka Pandey, Videocon Co.
A.B.N. Ambro Bank, Mumbai, Mr. Mike Khanna (H.T.A.) & USA, UK, Australia.
Mr B. K. Birla , Mrs. Jayasre Mohta ( Private Collection)
Birla Academy, Kolkata
Sandhya Verma, Kolkata
Mrs. Jayashree Mohta, Kolkata.
2004-2005, all the paintings were collected by Renox Commercial Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata.

Participated in the Art Camp with the leading Artists of Bengal, hosted by Pather Panchali, Calcutta, 1993.
Particiaped in the Art camp with the leading Artists of India as Anjali-Ela Menon, Param Jeet Singh, Arpita Singh, Sanjay Bhattacharya, Yusuf Arakkal, Paresh Maity, etc. Mumbai, hosted by RPG and Arts Trust at Marve 1998.
Participated in the kalamcla, hosted by Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata, 2000.
Participated in the Art camp with the leading Artists of India at Marve, Mumbai, 2000.
Participated in the Art camp with the leading Artists of Bengal, hosted by Information and Cultural Center West Bengal Government, Kolkata 2003.

Participated in the auction with the leading Artists of India, hosted by National Museum of Modern Art, ABN Ambro Bank, Taj Mahal Hotel, Rotary Club, Art Trust, Mumbai, 2000.

Asian Age-Kolkata, 1998.
Mid-Day, Mumbai, 1998.
Star Plus and Star News with Anjali Ela Menon, Mumbai, 1998.
The Telegraph, Kolkata, 1999.
The Economic Times of India, Kolkata, 2000, Indian Express, Mumbai, 2000.
Zee News, 2001, In Mumbai, 2001, Afternoon, 2001.
Asian Age, Kolkata, 2001.
Statesman, Kolkata, 2002.
Sanmarg (Hindi Daily), Kolkata, 2002.
Ganashakti 2003.
ETV, Karnataka, Bangalore 2006.
Tara News , Kolkata, 08.
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