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Kallol Das
Participating Workshop & Exhibition
35th Anniversary Visual art in celebration of life at Gorky Sadan, 2009
Participating Group Exhibition “Pot o Tuli” at Academy of Fine Arts 2008.
Annual Painting and Sculpture Exhibition at Gaganendra Pradarshashala, Kolkata, Org. by Department of Information and Cultural Affairs, Govt. of West Bengal 2007.
Workshop and Exhibition ‘ SRIJAN UTSAV’ W.B. Ganasnskrit Parisad, Kolkata, 2004-2007.
“ARANYA 2006” an Exhibition of Painting, Sculpture and Graphics. Org. by RAD at Birla Academy, Kolkata 2006.
Group Exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts, 2006
Annual Exhibition Org. by BANIPUR ART SOCIETY AND INSTITUTE OF CULTURE ( BASIC ) at BASIC’s Art Gallery, 2004,2005,2006.
A Group Exhibition of Painting “ JIBANER JANNA” presented by “H.H.S.”, “N.A.S.S” and West Bengal Gana Sanskritik Parisad, 2004.
The Group Exhibition of painting, sculpture and graphics BONGIO CHARUKALA UDYOG, 2004
Three Group Exhibition and Workshop on Communal Riot in Gujrat Org. by APDR (Bijzpur) BASIC (Banipur), HSS (Halisahar), 2002.
“ DOKRA WORKSHOP” jointly sponsored by Department of Information and Cultural Affairs, Govt. of West Bengal and EZCC, 2001.
Annual Exhibition Org. by Pot o Tuli 2001 - 2008.
Workshop and Exhibition Organised Halisahar Sanskritik Sanstha 2000
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