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Artist's Profile
Arunava Mondal
Educational Qualification :
Madhyamik - Garfa D. N. M. High School – W. B. B. S. E – 1996
H. S. - Prafulla Chandra College – W. B. C. H. S. E – 1998
B. V. A - The Indian College of Arts and Draftsmanship Rabindra Bharati University – 2005
M. F. A. - Kala Bhavan – Visva Bharati university – 2007

Participation :
College Exhibition 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
Charukala 2003
All India Camlin Art Exhibition (Eastern Zone) 2003, 2006
Annual Art Exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts 2003
Abantika Annual Art Exhibition, Kolkata 2005
Aryannya - 2006 at Birla Academy
15th Ravi Jain Annual Show at Dhoomimal Gallery Delhi 2006
Annual Exhibition Kala Bhavana at Nandan – 2006
Annual Exhibition Kala Bhavana at Nandan – 2007
“Painted Delights” at Birla Academy – 2007

Group Show:
Only seven group show 2004
Santiniketan Young artist , Bengalore 2005
Sishu Tirtha Santiniketan a group show at Birla Academy Kolkata – 2006
Sprouts a group show at Kaleidoscope Vadodara – 2006
Pratiti a group show at Birla Academy Kolkata – 2006
Aryannya – 2006 at Birla Academy
Eleven Talented Artist form Bengal organized by Abstract and curetted by Mrs. Akumal Ramachander in Time and Space Gallery
Agroup show at collection of shops in Delhi curetted by Archana Roy – 2006
Abstracted, Kolkata present Gems form Bengal curated Akumal Ramachander at Bajaj Art Gallery – 2007
Abstract & Rukshaan Present an exhibition of paintings at Bajaj Art Gallery – 2007
Group show in Karma Galire – 2007
Spaces, risthay Art Gallery at Bangalore – 2008
Metaphysical Spaces at Tamarind Art Gallery

Awards and Scholarship:
Water Colour Award 2002 (I.C.A.D)
College Award 2005(I.C.A.D)
Scholarship from Santiniketan Kala Bhavana 2005
Scolarship from Santiniketan Kala Bhavana 2006

Terracotta workshop 2001 (Barisha Art Society)
Chow Mask Workshop 2002(Barisha Art Society)
Art Camp in Kala Bhavana Campus – 2006
Art Campus Bengalore organized Abstract
And Mrs. Akumal Ramachander

Major Works:
Mural works in Patna Railway Station 2002
Mural works in Eastern Railway Stadium 2003 & other Mural Works

Park Hotel and other place
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