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Stuti Choudhary
Artist Write-up:

Capturing the feeling is everything!
As an artist, it is always the feeling that I remember most about any location. It is my inspiration. An expression can transform a portrait in just a matter of seconds. I strive to capture the feeling by playing with expressions and capturing their fleeting magic.

What do I want to say with my heART?

Celebrate feelings and emotions that make moments memorable.
Express the happiness, the euphoria, the sadness, depression, whatever emotions a human has ever experienced in the purest form. It is the feeling that moves my heart.
Expressing yourself is good for the soul. Through my artwork, I strive to bring my trapped emotions outside. Every Painting has a hidden story which is directly linked to my life. Things that happened in my life and how felt about them. Most people relate to these feelings. This is what makes my paintings popular. My paintings also carry my dreams, experiences and nightmares. While I don't make any special attempts to portray perfect people. I have been subconsciously influenced by great artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.


Pursuing Master of Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru (2017-19)
Bachelor of Technology (Civil Engineering) ITM University Gwalior, (2016)
Madhya Pradesh, 8.5 CGPA


Singing, Acting, Painting, Reading
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