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Sunil Chawdiker

1996-2000 : State Art Exhibition
1996-2000 : Exhibition regularly at annual show of Goa College of Art.
1999-2000 : Shrehta art Bangalore
1999-2000 : Exhibition on Kargil Theme (Organized by Institute Menezes
1999-2001 : Braganza Panaji, Goa)
2000-2001 : All India Millennium Exhibition by A.I.F.A.C.S. Panaji
2000-2002 : Goa.
2000-2001 : Bombay Art Society (Jehangir art memorial)
2000-2001 : Lalit Kala Academy (New Delhi)
2001-2002 : A.I.F.A.C.S. Hyderabad.
2002-2003 : Pullah Kala Nilayam (Warangal)
2002-2003 : A.I.F.A.C.S. (Panaji-Goa)
2002-2003 : Hyderabad Art society.
2004-2005 : State Art Exhibition


1999-2002 : Award of sketch club in Goa College of Art.
1995-2001 : Won several prizes in Rangoli competition in all over Goa.
2002-2003 : Merit prize in pullah kala nilayam (Warangal)
2002-2003 : Award A.I.F.A.C.S (Panaji-Goa)
: Highly commendable prize Hyderabad Art society (Hyderabad)

2002-2003 : Scholarship from Kala Academy Panaji Goa scholarship from Lalit Kala Academy (New Delhi)


2002-2003 : Painting Exhibition Kala academy, Panaji-Goa.
2002-2003 : Painting Exhibition in Daira Art Gallery in (Hyderabad) AP.
2004-2005 : Painting Exhibition Ribandar gallery, Panaji-Goa.
2005-2006: :Painting Exhibition in Chitramayee state Art Gallery in (Hyd)
2006-2007: :Painting Exhibition in Chitramayee state Art Gallery in (Hyd)
2009-2010: :IN ESSENCE,Minimal art Painting Exhibition in ICON Art Gallery in (Hyderabad) AP.
2011-2012: :IN THE FACE Painting Exhibition in ICON Art Gallery in (Hyderabad) AP.


2011 : Art Auction for community Chest HongKong Sept 25th,2010 Grand Hyatt-Hongkong

2011 :YOUNG ENTREPRENEURSHIP ORGANIZATION, Bangalore for Ananya( a charitable organization.) On 11 Feb. 2011 Taj West End, Race course road, Bangalore-1

Art Camps

2000-2001 : Goa College of art, Goa under eminent artist Mr. Shide.
2002-2003 : University of Hyderabad under eminent artist Mr. Dilip Tamuli.


MFA. (Painting) FIRST DIVISION S.N. School of Fine art Performing Art University of Hyderabad
BFA. (Painting) FIRST DIVISION Goa College of Art. Goa University

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