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Nitasha Choudhury
A statement, explaining my practice and interests, and a brief explanation on the works submitted here:

Every living or non-living thing has some form or pattern which separates it from the rest. I am intrigued by these individual intricacies, nuances and patterns, and try to interpret and depict them in my own ways.
For the last 8 to 9 years I have been practicing painting and designing in different forms such as textile designing, animation, hand painting, fabric painting, oil painting, charcoal/pencil drawings, sketches and acrylics. My interest lies in observing different moods of people and nature around me and then depicting them
through various media such as pen, ink, colors, charcoal, drawings, etc. I make an attempt to express things which happen around me as well as those that do not (and are powered by imagination) through various different forms and media.
My area of interest varies depending on my mood depends on what I am doing at the time, what I am reading or what I am thinking about. The form, pattern, theme, subject, shapes and sizes, almost become outcomes of these and get reflected on canvas or paper or on a computer screen. Womanhood, relation between men and women and with the world, daily life, present world scenario, nature - are a few subjects I like to work on.
Presently I am focusing on creating theme-based drawings and paintings using pen and ink, and acrylic on canvas.

A brief note on the works submitted:
I have extensively based my paintings on designs and patterns which signify different life moods. A brief description about my works being submitted is given below:
(A) The relation (1,2 and 3) & The Srishti- the dark and bold patterns show hardships and rough patches in life whereas the lighter patterns depict bright and happy moments. Sometimes life is mundane, monotonous yet patterned and routined; at other times its beautiful, light yet ever changing and complex. Each moment holds something new and unexpected. The relation of one with another and with the rest of the world; the inter-connected, inter- related world of nature and humanity; varied lifestyles of individuals yet so correlated and inter-linked with the outside world; the hardships and simplicity; the nature of emotion and feelings , freedom of self expression I have tried to portray these using The Relation series.
(B) The Meltdown - depicts the invasion of mother earth by humans and the burning issue of global warming
(C) The Red War- shows violence, bloodshed and killing of innocent lives, the sad world of terrorism; at the same time it shows a lotus which depicts that life springs forth and continues despite all troubles.

Nitasha Choudhury

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