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Shaun Kenworthy
As an Artist

Practically all of my life has been spent being creative. Either putting food on to plates and planning new dishes. In my writings and my passion for art and my love of music.

Iíve been painting for around 14 years, almost as long as I can remember but until recently, Iíve never exhibited or sold any of my paintings. They were something that I did for myself and not for others.
As the years close in on me, Iím going to focus most of my energies on writing and painting. I have no intention of stopping cooking just yet! I still have many plans there also but Iím not getting any younger and so many hours a day in a hot kitchen does eventually take its toll.
I have a definite abstract style and method in the way I paint and have played and grown this for years. Iím most fascinated with the way paint falls and the splashes and ripples that are left to history, like a moment in time that has elapsed, yet changing with time but never aging.
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