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  • Ref No. MON078246
    Artist: Print
    Title: Print (Raja Ravi Barma)
    Status: Available
    Size: 23.5 x 29.5 inches
    Medium: Print
    Price: 5000.00 INR, (93 USD)
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  • Ref No. MON057793
    Title: Patta Ka Hai Jism Janam
    Status: Sold
    Year: 2013
    Size: 36 (H) x 36 (W) inches
    Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
    Price: 41000.00 INR, (763 USD)
  • Ref No. MON054265
    Artist: Sanjoy Patra
    Title: Vibration 2
    Status: Available
    Year: 2007
    Size: 47 x 47 inches
    Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
    Price: 45000.00 INR, (837 USD)
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  • Ref No. MON049000
    Artist: Puja Bahri
    Title: Untitled
    Status: Available
    Year: 2007
    Size: 18 x 18 inches
    Medium: Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
    Price: 50000.00 INR, (930 USD)
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Mon Art Gallerie was started in 2006 by Manju Sethia.We take pride in our reputation as a friendly and accessible gallery which offers quality contemporary art and advice on all aspects of buying and collecting. We have exhibited works by well known masters such as Jogen Chowdhury and Badri Narayan as well as a host of new and up coming talent. Located in spacious surroundings in the heart of Kolkata, our exhibitions, which have achieved considerable critical and commercial success, have showcased not just painting but also sculpture and installation art.

We have also made an impact on the international scene and our first show overseas - at the Visual Art Centre in Hong Kong in March 2008 - was very favourably received. We aim to expand our presence further by participating in select international art fairs and events. We at Mon Art Gallerie believe in reaching out to audiences and offering a wide variety of contemporary artwork to suit every taste.

Our new website intends to open up the world of contemporary Indian art to an entirely new generation of collectors and connoisseurs and will feature an exclusive range of premium, exciting and tasteful works of art to suit any budget. Furthermore, the website will be constantly updated and will reflect the hottest and most stimulating developments in the art from around the country. So, join us in this unique aesthetic journey into the wondrous world of contemporary Indian art. We promise you a breathtaking experience.





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